Designing for

a Creative Community.

Tacoma-South Sound Mini-Maker Faire

Graphic Design and Photography.

Volunteering along with designer and friend JP Avila, I designed posters, signage, nametags, and t-shirts for the Tacoma South-Sound Mini-Maker Faire. All aspects designed by me excepting the framework for the first poster (left) and the circular logo.


Working within an already established brand guide to

cultivate new ideas.


Working with Mini-Maker Faire, our ideas had to be both creative and on-brand for the organization on the whole.


Find inspiration from other chapters & make it about Tacoma!


Utilizing solutions from other chapters as resources, JP and I were able to craft designs that not only worked within the Maker Faire guidelines but added a piece of Tacoma to the identity as well.  


Working under the direction of the Maker Faire staff, I designed signs, posters, t-shirts, and nametags, helping to make sure they were delivered in-time to print and put up.  


On the day of the event I walked around and took photos of all the creativity as it happened, happy that I could play a small part in everything that was occurring.