"Viva Las Vegas" Poster. 

A poster made for an ACM Fundraising event. Blank space on poster to be filled by sponsors for the event, which were at the time to be determined.

"Viva Las Vegas" Social Media Teaser.

Lemay America's

Car Museum

My Summer Making Car Graphics

For three months I volunteered as the Graphic Design Intern at Lemay-America's Car Museum (ACM). During my time there I worked with a two person marketing team to design maps, signs, posters and many things in-between. 

"The Drive Home" Map.

For a cross-country event put on by the Museum, I was asked to create something reminiscent of the 1950's. Combined quirky diner type fonts and pairing a hand drawn map of the U.S.A. with small illustrations, in order to make the map feel like an organic version of that period.

"The Drive Home" Map. 

"Miami Nights" Fundraiser Signage.