Back to the Future

Designing a RetroFuturistic Typeface

Type Design.

This is a typeface I designed my senior year at Pacific Lutheran University. 


Given the option between scanning a type specimen and digitally recreating it or creating a typeface of my own, I chose the latter. I decided I wanted to make a font that embodied retro-futurism or, more simply, what people of the past day-dreamed about what the future might look like.



How do you create a typeface that feels both old and new?


As a student at PLU, I had never designed a typeface of my own. Designing this font served as a perfect training grounds for learning that process. 


Use references from everyday items from the past.


Inspired by the type of old video game logos, old computer monitors and the account numbers along the bottom of checks.


What The Past Thought About The Future

Type Specimen