Social Justice for Kids* 

*Kids from 6-100 Years of Age

Illustration and editorial design.

A 56-page educational social justice book that adopted the visual style of children’s alphabet books. 


The ABC’s of PLU was the biggest project I took on as the Art Director at The Matrix, a social justice magazine at Pacific Lutheran University.


Even in social justice contexts, beliefs can be sticky.


As co-editor and art director at The Matrix, a social justice magazine at PLU, we knew that we needed to platform new and underrepresented perspectives.  

However, even the most well-intentioned can put up walls to retain their own thoughts without considering more nuanced positions.


Curate a collection of unique perspectives and pair it with the aesthetics of a children's alphabet book.


In doing so, students and faculty will have a friendly introduction to new and reimagined social justice concepts.

I Know A Lot of Things - Paul Rand

I Know A Lot of Things, Illustrated by Paul Rand.
Paul Rand book 1

Listen, Listen!, Illustrated by Paul Rand.
Saul Bass, Henri’s Walk to Paris (7)

Henri's Walk Home, Illustrated by Saul Bass.


Renown designers that have illustrated children's books in the past. 


Namely, Paul Rand and Saul Bass. I specifically loved how organic the shapes in Paul Rand's work felt.


The Matrix collaborated with 25 student/faculty writers to create a 56-page social justice alphabet book.


Over 1,000 copies were printed and distributed around the PLU Campus. The conversations we were hoping to have were starting to happen.